15 mars 2017 Lucie

Crowdfunding : how does it work ? (for the backers)

Crowd what ? Kickstarter ? Indiegogo ? You have heard about it a lot ? Your sister, cousin or best friend will soon launch its crowdfunding campaign, but you don’t know how it works, or how to participate ?

Everything is explained in this article !

Crowdfunding is a way for project owners to finance it thanks to the general public. The creator invites private individuals to participate to its project on an internet platform by giving the sum of money of its choice. In exchange, the backer will receive a reward of its choice according to the sum of money he gave.

In practice it is very simple:

1. You are on the page of the project you want to participate in

2. Choose, on the right side the reward you want to receive

Click on it. You can also click on « Support this project ».

You can also give without expecting anything in return.


3. Log in or create an account

Enter all the required informations : last and first, email, …

4. Make your payment

It is totally safe!
According to the platform or you are debited directly from your account and you will be refunded if the project doesn’t meet its goal. Or you are debited only if the project meets its goals.

5. You will receive your rewards as soon as possible

If the project meets its goal of course! And to help the project even more to achieve meet its goal:

Share the news with your friends and family and incite them to participate, it is very important for the crowdfunding success!

And because crowdfunding is not only a question of money, we wish you a very good participation! You will see, it is a real experience… Enjoy!

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